World Humanitarian Day: Sapphire Community Group visits Durumi IDPs camp in Abuja

Durumi IDPs
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…Enlightens IDPs on menstrual hygiene

…Distributes sanitary pads, others

In celebration of the 2023 World Humanitarian Day, the Sapphire Community Group has visited the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Durumi, Abuja, to celebrate with the IDPs and those living in the community.

During the outreach held on Saturday, the group held sensitization talks with the IDPs and members of Durumi community on different topics, including how to address menstrual stigma, how to value themselves, how to take care of their bodies, how to cope and deal with stresses of life and self care.

Speaking with reporters at the event, the CEO of Sapphire Foundation (Nigeria), Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi, who was represented by the Event/Programme Manager of Sapphire Community Group, Chidinma Stephens, said that her Foundation was interested in the mental health of the IDPs, hence the intervention and outreach.

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She said: “Sapphire Foundation, whose vision and sole purpose is to build our generation into greatness and ensure that each individual finds what they are meant to do in life, came to Durumi IDPs to fulfil our vision of a better society. Since Sapphire was founded in Nigeria, we have been empowering, equipping, inspiring, training, motivating and educating young people.

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“On the process of building people, there is need to work on their mental health, which is very important in every stage of life: from childhood, adolescence and even through adulthood. The purpose of this mental health intervention outreach at the internally displaced persons camp in Durumi, Abuja, is to address menstrual stigma, teach them how to value themselves, how to take care of their body, how to cope and deal with stresses of life and mainly about self-care.

“As you can see, Sapphire Community Group came all the way from our office to the camp with menstrual pads. We freely gave them and taught them how to make use of the pads. Menstruation is a normal biological process that all women and girls experience, which is supposed to be a blessing because it cleanses the body system of women but many people have misconceptions about it.

“While speaking with some young women and girls in the IDP camp, I discovered that most of them see menstruation as a curse, just because they can’t afford menstrual health products to meet up with their monthly needs and this may impact their mental well-being. So, we had to educate them.

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“The turnout was amazing. At the end of the day, we were able to address the menstrual health stigma and build confidence in them. Sapphire Community Group has passionately contributed its little quota by providing those menstrual pads for young women and girls. We also distributed drinks and biscuits to children who queued to receive them. 

“So, we call on people that God has blessed in Nigeria, Africa and the world to support us. Partner with us and together, we can build our world and touch many lives.”

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