We’re sorry, Britain apologizes to Obi over illegal detention at Heathrow airport

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The British government has apologized to the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi after, immigration officials admitted wrongly giving him a detention note.

The officials had detained Obi for committing several alleged financial crimes only to find out that he was being impersonated.

They also said the uncomplimentary treatment he received was “completely unacceptable,” and issued a personal apology.

“Frankly, the Immigration Official’s action – has been appalling – and we are sorry,” Immigration authorities apologized.

Spokesperson of the Atiku Abubakar presidential campaign, Daniel Bwala, said the British government apologised to Obi and asked when they will apologize to Tinubu.

Recall that Obi was, on Friday, accosted by an immigration official at the Heathrow Airport in London, and handed a detention note.

In a statement on Wednesday by the spokesman for the Campaign Council, Diran Onifade, the LP presidential candidate was later released after being questioned for identity duplication, which suggests that someone had been impersonating Obi in London.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday, Bwala claimed that the British government has apologised to Obi for illegally serving him a detention note.

He wrote: “British government apologised to Peter Obi for illegally serving him a detention note.

“Can you now put a ‘respek’ on his name? We are now waiting for US government to apologise to Tinubu for illegally collecting the forfeited dollars.

“Asiwaju fans oya start throwing the insults.”

However, when a well-placed member of the Obi/Datti presidential campaign council was contacted, the source could not confirm that the British government tendered an apology to Obi for the aforesaid incident.

Also, when the UK Immigration office was contacted on the matter, it said it does not speak to individual issues.

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