We’re pushing for more resources to improve healthcare facilities in FCT– Official

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The Mandate Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Dr. Abubakar Tafida, has said that the administration is pushing very hard to improve healthcare facilities in the city.

The Secretary disclosed this on Wednesday at the closing session of a two-day training organised for newsmen to create more awareness about the FCT Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) for residents of the city.

He said that the administration was not only pushing for improved healthcare facilities in the city, but also pushing to improve the primary healthcare at the grassroots.

“We are pushing for money on how we can improve the infrastructure and equipment in these healthcare facilities, so that the few human resources we have there can perform better.

“We are looking at improving the system like the engagement of an Information Technology process where most of the delays on files on the table will be eased off,” he said.

The Secretary pleaded with those who took offence with his office on allegation of delaying of files in the HHSS, adding that files are not purposely delayed except such files had a problem. 

Tafida disclosed that record on ground for enrollees of health insurance programme in the FCT was still low.

“Health insurance is a programme I am passionate about, files don’t stay beyond 24 hours in my office unless I have a question to ask about such files.

“Bureaucratic bottleneck doesn’t give opportunity for health insurance to grow in the country, this programme started in 1955, it came back to life in 2005, and here we are today.

“It is almost 20 years old after 2005, we are talking about what percentage of Nigerians are covered under the health insurance.

“If you look at the United States from 60s and 70s, salesmen where everywhere, they move from door to door, selling insurance, selling cars, home appliances, but today nobody does that because everybody is online,” he stressed.

He therefore called on the FHIS to continue to do its best and ensure that all residents of FCT buy into the programme of health insurance for better health status.

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