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Treason: Netizens blast Reno Omokri for demanding arrest of Obi, Datti

Reno Omokri and Obi
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Social activist, Reno Omokri has been on the receiving end of backlashes on social media after making calls for the arrest of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi and vice-presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed if they make treasonable statements.

Omokri, on Wednesday, made the call in a tweet.

According to Reno, “I read Peter Obi‘s statement denying alleged treason. I believe the #NigerianElections2023 was rigged.

“However, I agree that Datti Baba-Ahmed’s comments were near treasonable. If Obi does not condemn his running mate’s comments, then he is guilty by association!”

In a series of tweets from his verified @renoomokri, he said: “The next time either Peter Obi or Datti Baba-Ahmed open their mouths to make treasonous comments, the Federal Government should arrest them.

“Nothing will happen. What happened when FG arrested Nnamdi Kanu? Did heaven fall? Arrest the wimpy simps if they blab anyhow!

“Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed said they have confidence in the judiciary, yet Datti is making anti-democratic threats?

“Atiku protested in Abuja. Have Peter and Datti protested? Third place that want to be declared winners? If they talk treason, they go to prison!”

Reacting, tweeps have slammed Reno, with many siding with Obi and Datti-Ahmed.

@UMykson: Ur tweet sometimes makes me wonder if you really have children.I always see u like a kid to say anything and lay abuses anyhow without knowing if they are right or wrong.Well na Ur Mouth but I just dey imagine

@GbemigaAmuludun: Seriously, you shouldn’t be taken serious. You expressed the same pessimism over Obi’s Presidential bid. You all wrote him off that he has no structure. After he polled over 6m votes and currently at the tribunal, you’re all up in arms again struggling so hard to discourage him.

@e4dotcom: Hmm oga ur looking for trouble, how do u expect Obi(Nigerians) to protest, don’t u know it LL cost big trouble..

@Vik_grafhixx: You’re just full of hate that these men have gotten real organic love without ‘table breaker’ attached to their names. Rest sir

@naijaRonaldo7: You’re suffering from identity crisis Reno. One minute you’re hating on Obi, the next minute you’re tweeting this useless Nuggets. Where you dey make we know. Hypocrite!

@mp34real: I just wonder those who take u seriously! Table shaker my foot, when u neva shake one leg of the table, u say are a table shaker.
U run with an AI manipulated audio, even as u claim say u wise.


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