RCCG: Clerics call for unity among church leaders, members

Leke adeboye

Some pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) have called for unity among its leaders and members to edify the church, glorify God and build the nation.

The clerics made the call at a youth programme organised by the Church titled “togetherness”, on Monday, in Abuja.

The Regional Youth Pastor of Region 10, Pastor Odun Emasealu, who quoted from Psalm 133 verse 1 from the Bible, said unity in the church draws anointing.

“Once there is unity, there is a blessing reserved. God says their is a blessing reserved for people that pray together in unity.

“It is different from general blessings. So, what we are aiming at is to access that reserved allocated blessing for those that dwell together in unity.

“I am trusting God that at the end of today our destinies will change forever,” he said.

Pastor Akin Meseko, in charge of Youth Province 6, said the voice of togetherness could move mountains.

“The event is to bring all the youth and young adults together, so we can all come together as various units of the youth.

“We recognise that together we move, together we are a team, together we increase, so we are coming together into greatness and we are carefree.

“When we bring our strength together, we are much more than the ordinary, we are much more than what others see in us.
“Our strength enhances our togetherness and that is why the vision was built,” he said.

Pastor Tunde Benjamins-Laniyi of the Throne Room Transcrop, advised the youth to take charge and conquer.

“I will advised the youth to take responsibility, take ownership and let’s walk together.

” The force of unity is a force that cannot be easily broken.

“When we come together, we succeed together, we move together.

“The curdling effect, the multiplier effect of us coming together is so powerful; it can over come every obstacle, break all barriers be it tribal, cultural, physical, religious and other barriers.

“So, coming together is very important that is why we have this programme, so we can walk together, “he said.

Also, Pastor Victor Olorunfemi, of Youth Province ll, said as a church the bond of unity needed to be strengthened.

” The theme of the programme is togetherness and why its been organised is to strengthen the bond of unity among the various arms of the church.

“Our main objective is to ensure there is a bond of unity between all the arms of the fellowship.
“The Bible says, “there , he commands his blessing,” he said.

The Youth and Young Adults (YAYA) programme taking place in all RCCG centre across the country, also seeks to keep the youth away from social vices.

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