Produce documents of seized vehicles, Zamfara govt tells Matawalle

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The Zamfara State Government has refuted claims by the immediate past Governor of the State, Bello Matawalle that vehicles seized from his houses were those he bought from the USA even before he became Governor.

This was coming on the heels of remarks credited to the police in Zamfara, that the embattled former Governor should produce relevant documents of the vehicles he said were his, and be allowed to recover them.

The Zamfara State Government also said that due process of law was followed before the security operatives went to Matawalle’s houses; and dismissed his allegation that Governor Dauda Lawal Dare had accompanied the security operatives when his houses were visited.

” It’s a phantom allegation .What has the Governor of Zamfara State got to do with h the work of the security operatives. That claim is baseless,” a senior aide to the Governor said.

The state Government reiterated that the court had given the go ahead to visit Matawalle’s houses where 40 vehicles were seized.

Former Governor Bello Matawalle had accused the incumbent Governor of leading the operation to his houses were the vehicles were seized.

Matawalle had also alleged that apart from the vehicles, the security operatives had also packed his wives ‘ belongings including their Hijab,and other assorted materials bought in preparation of the wedding ceremony of one of his female relatives.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service monitored on Sunday;a senior media aide to Governor Lawal Dare ,Mustapha Jafaru Kaura,said it was only the security operatives that went to the former Governor’s houses after getting a court warrant to do so.

The state government insisted that all the vehicles seized from the houses of former Governor Matawalle; were Government vehicles.

The government also dismissed the claim that the vehicles seized were those with the inscription of President Tinubu.

Although Matawalle had said the number of vehicles seized were not up to 40, and that majority of the vehicles were bought from the USA,state authorities said it was the police who counted the seized vehicles.

While dismissing the allegation that the operation in Matawalle’s houses were led by the Commissioner of Police and the state Governor,Jafaru Kaura said “what would Governor Dauda Lawal Dare got to do in his house?What concerns Governor Lawal Dare with the vehicles seized?”

Meanwhile, the BBC Hausa Service reported that the Zamfara State Police Command has said that it would continue to seize vehicles allegedly ” stolen ” by the former Governor.