Poor reading culture responsible for low performance by students – Proprietor

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Mr Kunle Babajide, the proprietor of a private school in Ilorin, has attributed poor reading culture as responsible for low academic performance of most students in Nigeria.

Babajide, who said this in Ilorin on Friday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), urged students to embrace reading to widen their knowledge.

“Most students fail and perform poorly in their academics because they are lazy readers.

“Students now prefer to chat with their friends and stream videos on their mobile phones rather than doing academic research.

“Some spend their precious hours making friends and chatting instead of reading their books.

“There is generally poor academic performance by students because they are lazy to and don’t read . They are too busy with their phones doing sort of things,” he said.

Babajide also advised students to read their books and stop wasting their time on social media.

He also urged them to invest on books, rather than investing on data to watch phonography.

The educationist also advised school proprietors and stakeholders to always organise reading competitions and quiz for students.

“There is need for inter school reading competition and debates. Stakeholders should wake up to reality and revive the reading culture among students,” he said.

Babajide also urged parents to encourage their wards to read by investing in books for them.

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