OPINION: Ebonyians should kill politics of acrimony before it kills all of us~ By Delaw Eze 

The most popular acronym in Ebonyi State today is Rest in Peace (RIP). RIP to the unripe population, not the ripe. After the RIP of one, we wait for the next. All we say these days is RIP and life goes on. 

Some politicians in Ebonyi State have enthroned violence and dethroned peace. They have destroyed our values and reward system. Our youths no longer see hard work, education and merit as basis for reward or success. They now believe that violence is the only way to the top. I pity our youths, I bleed for the innocent families being thrown into mourning here and there. 

After RIP, what else? Forgotten, right? We know these politicians and should not give them another chance before our youths are all killed. RIP is all we can say, the rest is history. Who knows. These bad eggs appoint from all communities, violent people and empower them for more violence or they will appoint their opinion leaders to scuttle their voices. 

Life means nothing to these politicians in Ebonyi state. Our youths are dying every day, killed by fellow youths, instigated against one another. 

Allegedly, the Ebonyi APC government under Governo Dave Umahi, his LGA chairmen and coordinators of development centres neither condemn nor punish perpetrators of violence. From my findings, this neglect is one of the major causes of more violence.

People commit crime or violate other people’s rights and nothing happens to address it. Now, in Ebonyi, the level of violence determines the position you gain. Our hardworking youths have been neglected and abandoned.

Kill it now before it kills us!

Politicians have turned our brothers against themselves. The ‘elderly respect’ known to our cultures is no longer known to our youths. Nowadays, our youths have zero respect for their elders. 

Our traditional stool has lost its value, because political elements have made sure that no traditional ruler who disagrees with them stands, hence, forcing our traditional rulers to bow to them or bow out. 

With this, I ask, who then will speak for us? Politics has destroyed everything good with which we are known for. 

Men of integrity now hide in the dark, for fear of terror, while the ones with questionable characters walk the streets with their shoulders high. 

For the sake of our future, these kind of politics needs to die in Ebonyi state. Kill it before it kills you. Needless to tell you of the everyday loss of lives occurring in the state, especially from the camp of APC in Ebonyi state. Deaths have become the new normal. 

Politics has made us mad and shameless. Before now, cultism was a secret adventure and no member was proud enough to identify openly with any, but nowadays, our people brag about cultism openly. They are all given to cultism, alcoholism and drugs. They have all been radicalized and turned into thugs. We are losing them daily and we can’t keep quiet completely. 

Politics has done more harm than good to our people, especially the youth. It’s time to kill it before it kills us all. It’s time to stop these anomalies that have bedevilled our once-serene land, and the only way to stop it is to kill politics of acrimony before it kills us all. 

The 2023 election is a battle for the restoration of sanity in our polity. It’s a battle to reclaim our land from the insane. It’s a battle we must win for our generation unborn. It’s either we get it right now, or further lose it. Violence must not win in Ebonyi state, let’s kill it now. 

God bless you for reading. 


Delaw Eze (Eze Onyebuchi) is the Founder and DG, Society Well-being Advocates of Nigeria- SWAN. 


Founder and DG, ODOHmeter 2023km.

Director, Digital Voter Mobilization APGA/PBIO/DNC Ebonyi Governorship Campaign Organisation