OGP: AMAC to continue maintaining transparency, accountability in budgeting, governance

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The focal person for Open Governance Partnership (OGP) for Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Abiodun Essiet, has said that the council will continue running an open door policy that will ensure transparency, accountability in governance.

Addressing journalists Wednesday in Abuja, during the AMAC OGP steering committee meeting, Essiet said that AMAC is the only area council in the whole 774 local government areas in Nigeria to join OGP at the global level in order to ensure transparency in governance.

She said: “We are here for OGP sensitization and for AMAC to develop their second action plan for the next three years and till the end of this administration. AMAC is the only area council to join OGP at the global level. This is based on their transparency and accountability. We signed up in 2020. We started the first action plan on transparency, citizens participation in political process. We completed the first action plan last year and now we are trying to start the second action plan, which is centred around open procurement and continuous citizens participation in budgeting process.

“OGP holds government accountable. Nigeria as a whole is a member of OGP at the global level. AMAC has also joined as a local member, but at the global level. Kaduna and Plateau are the only two states that joined OGP at the global level. It is just to ensure that citizens are involved in our budgeting process and governance structure. We are caring CSOs along. Let citizens be the centre of governance. In our first action plan, we went round the townhall ask citizens what they want to make sure it is captured in the 2022 budget.”

Also speaking, a participant and an official of AMAC, Mr Attahiru Yakubu Ibrahim, said that OGP meeting by AMAC is to ensure that there is citizens’ participation in budgeting and to ensure that what citizens want is what government does.

“This meeting will benefit the council in so many ways. The council has made sure that, to achieve the OGP plan, it has to run a very open procurement process for everybody to participate and to encourage women to key in. Presently, you have more men than women in the procurement processes. So, we aim to make it flexible so that more women can participate in procurement process.

“We want to ensure that there is citizens’ participation in budgeting to ensure that what citizens want is what government does and not to decide for the citizens. Whatever project that is their priority is what we will implement for them. We also hold townhall meeting to encourage people to air their views,” he said. 

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