NACOPPMAN: AMAC to embrace coconut tree planting as producers reveal economic benefits

coconut tree

The Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Hon. Christopher Zakka Maikalangu, has said that the council will key into the planting of coconut trees in order to encourage the health and economic benefits from the produce

Speaking Wednesday in Abuja, during the flag off of the one family 3 coconut trees by the National Coconut Producers Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria (NACOPPMAN), Maikalangu, who was represented by the council secretary, Hon. Jafaru Gwagwa, said that the council will offer every opportunity to the organization to encourage planting of coconut trees in the council. 

He said: “We are going to key into the process of coconut tree planting as soon as possible. For us to allow the NACOPPMAN to come and showcase the benefits of coconut planting shows how interested we are in the subject matter. The health and economic benefits of coconut tree planting cannot be overemphasised. We hope the organisation can raise a memo for partnership with the council.

“We are going to give more emphasis on the planting of coconut trees because of the importance of coconut even within the community. With regards to lands, the federal government has allocated lands to Kuje area council. Within the cosmopolitan area council, you can hardly find where you can plant in the farming season. But at AMAC, we have a land by the grace of God where we can showcase anything farming outside the city.”

Also speaking, the National President of NACOPPMAN, Dr Nma Okoroji, said that coconut tree planting will help to curb unemployment and boost the economy as coconut has over 300 products it can be used to manufacture

She said: “Every part of the coconut is zero waste. Every part is important and useful. Many things can be gotten from coconut. It can be used in manufacturing bullets, brake pad, marine rope, among others. One litre of coconut oil is N8,000. You cannot compare what is gotten from coconut to crude.

“For investment in coconut, one hectare of land takes 200 trees of coconut. Using good agronomic practices, in three to four years, the tree is already fruiting. Each of the tree will give you about 100 nuts and it increases after seven years of production to 150, 200 nuts per tree. So, if you are having 100 nuts per tree, if you multiple it by 200 trees, that is 20,000 nuts.

“If you see it at N500 per nut, you are making 10 million naira from your one hectare coconut plantation without value addition. But if you want to make more money, go into the processing. Process it into oil, chips and other products. Over 300 products can be made from coconut and you don’t have anything to waste.

“That is why we encourage every state to have 10 hectares of coconut plantation.  Coconut should be planted in schools, churches, mosques and other places. Every home should have at least three coconut trees. We want AMAC to give us lands to plant coconut trees. We want every street in Abuja to be planted with coconut. Though there are challenges with herders destroying farms, we are not discouraged because we know the future is coconut.”

Highlight of the event was the planting of coconut trees in the council by the AMAC chairman, was also emulated by representative of different ministries and organisations.