May 29: Calls for suspension of Tinubu’s swearing-in unnecessary– Forum

Bola Tinubu

The President, National Patriotic Elders’ Forum of Nigeria, Dr Bature AbdulAziz has dismissed those calling for the suspension of swearing-in of the President-elect Sen. Ahmed Tinubu, as ignorant of the law.

AbdulAziz told journalists in Kano on Sunday that the renewed calls for the suspension of swearing-in of the president-elect could destabilise the country.

He said: “Some people are ignorantly talking about the swearing-in of the president-elect in spite of the provisions of the Nigeria Constitution and the laws.

“The matter is in court and clearly explained by the law.

“Calling for the suspension of the swearing-In of the president-elect beyond May 29 is like calling for anarchy because Nigeria would be without government, and become a norman land.

“I am worried that some people are hellbent in causing uncertainties in the country for reason best known to them.

“Why are you calling for the suspension of the swearing-in, what you are asking for has no position in the law”.

He said the law permitted the president-elect and any governor-elect to proceed with the swearing-in while the case is still in court.