It’s our collective responsibility to end Sit-at-home, Mbah tells Enugu residents

Peter Mbah
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Gov. Peter Mbah of Enugu State has urged residents of the state to join hands in ending the illegal sit-at-home in the state.

lauded civil servants, transporters, the business community and other institutions in the state for complying with government’s directive ending the Monday sit-at-home order.

The governor made the call while monitoring compliance to government’s directive on vacation of the illegal act by government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), markets, among others on Monday in Enugu.

Mbah had on Thursday declared end to Monday’s sit-at-home in Enugu saying it kills the spirit of entrepreneurship, commerce and creativity among the residents of the state.

Speaking with newsmen after the monitoring, Mbah said: “I am aware the circular to this effect was sent out on Friday. It may well be that not all the workers got the information that we no longer have sit-at-home on Mondays.

“Whether we succeed or fail in ending sit-at-home, we do that together as Enugu people; If we succeed, our collective success means we can rise together against intimidation.

“It is not anybody’s or government’s success. We need to take collective responsibility for our decision.

“But the truth is that everything we have promised our people in Enugu is anchored on getting the flow of private sector investments into our state,” he said.

He explained that private sector could not come into a state where the people were not productive, adding that private sector thrived on big markets and a vibrant workforce.

“So, our people are known by their hard work, by their industry and commerce. So, we cannot have people, who kill these spirits in our people and dictate to us the day we should go to work and the day we should sit at home.

“We have to revive that spirit of hard work and culture of commerce and industry that our people are known for. We want to reinstate that; and that is exactly what we are doing”.

Mbah further assured the people of government’s commitment to the security of lives and property every other day of the week, Mondays inclusive.

“Security of lives and property is essentially the oath we took and that is at the top of our priorities. We must ensure the safety of our people,”.

Mbah, who restated government’s resolve to secure lives and property, put the compliance level at about 60 to 70 per cent and expressed hope of total compliance on subsequent Mondays.

Ministries and offices visited included Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry Capital Territory, Ministry of Inter-Ministerial Affairs and Special Duties, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Lands.

Others are the ministry of Finance, Office of the Accountant-General, Office of the Head of Service, Office of the Surveyor-General, among others, where he was received by the civil servants and heads of MDAs.

The governor also visited several markets, including the Akwata section of Ogbete Market, Mayor Market situate along Agbani Road, among others, where he was warmly received by traders and their leaders.

He said productivity was key to all the promises he made to the people to drive investment inflow into the state, create jobs, and provide quality services.

He reminded the people that the power and mandate belonged to them, hence they should never allow people, who had no stake in the state’s economy to undermine the peace and prosperity of the Enugu State.

“Let it not ever be heard that we are going to be listening to people, who do not stake in our economy and social welfare dictate to us when we must come out to work. It should not be heard of.

“Someone you have not given your mandate to lead you tells you to sit down and, somehow, you begin to sit at home. And he tells you to go, and you begin to go.

“That should not be acceptable. It actually undermines our dignity as a people and we shouldn’t endorse that”, Mbah declared.

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