HURIDE, CD, demand Buhari’s impeachment over insecurity

Rights groups, Human Rights Liberty Access, and Peace, Defenders’ Foundation (HURIDE) and Campaign for Democracy (CD) have asked the National Assembly (NASS) to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari, stating that more Nigerians have been killed under his regime than even in a war situation.

The activists also gave reason for the impeachment of Buhari to include  the attack on Kuje Correctional Centre, Abuja recently.

The groups stated this in a joint statement made available to our  correspondent on Wednesday said the latest security breaches in the country were clear indication that President Buhari had lost control of providing leadership to the country.

They said, “Going by the obvious and glaring security breaches in the country  especially the Kuje Correctional Centre invasion by Boko Haram insurgents and the deadly attack on the convoy of advance team of  President Muhammad Buhari’ in Daura, Katsina State few days ago we call for immediate impeachment of the president.”

In the statement signed by the  executive director of HURIDE and Chairman, South-East zone, CD, Dede Uzor,  the activists said Nigerians had died more than in war times in the Buhari regime.

They said: “The purported withdrawal of soldiers 24 hours before the invasion of Kuje prison called for a thorough and discreet investigation.  Nigeria is becoming a failed state like Somalia, Southern Sudan and Afghanistan among other terror-infested nations.

“The National Assembly has no option but to commence the process of impeachment of the President without further delay before he hands this country to Islamists and Fulanists”.

The rights groups said with the ongoing economic woes, unabated security threats like kidnapping for ransom, and attacks on the national’s critical assets  and other threats, it was obvious that the president was either confused or  playing pranks with Nigerians.

The groups warned that if something drastic was not done now, the 2023 general election might not hold and it would spell doom for Nigeria.

They condemned the president’s penchant to always jet out of the country even  when he had a crisis at hand to deal with, saying that it showed his lack of passion for peace and stability of the country, rather was more interested in travelling abroad than working hard to restore peace at home.

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