Group seeks lifting of embargo on employment for poverty alleviation

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The Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights (CCIDESSOR) on Monday in Owerri called on all tiers of government in Nigeria to lift any embargo on employment.


In a statement to mark the 2022 World Social Justice Day, the group declared that the lifting of the embargoes would help the country to eliminate poverty, deprivation and other forms of inequality.


On Nov. 26, 2007, the UN General Assembly declared that Feb. 20 of every year be observed as World Social Justice Day.


This is to recognise the need to promote social justice, which includes efforts to tackle poverty, exclusion, gender inequality, unemployment human rights and social protections.


CCIDESSOR noted that embargos on formal employment promoted social injustice and urged governments at all levels to eliminate every hindrance to gainful employment.


“As we mark 2022 Social Justice Day in Nigeria, the level of unemployment, suggests the existence of so much social injustice.


“Addressing social injustice will directly and indirectly address our current level of insecurity, impoverishment and inequalities anchored on race, gender, religion or social status.


“Social injustice is like a wild fire; it does not only engulf its target, it spreads to non-targets thereby destroying everything,’’ it stated.


It called on the federal and state governments to use the opportunity presented by the 2022 celebration to renew their social justice contract with citizens.

It also urged governments to define clearly the paths to formal employment in 2022, particularly for the Nigerian youth and encourage the private sector through clear policies on formal employment.

The group also appealed to governments to create an enabling environment that would grow formal employment by the private sector.

It urged governments to also eliminate insecurity which bred unemployment and injustice and address gender discrimination in formal employment.

Its statement was signed by the Executive Director, Mrs Nnena Onyenoha and its Programmes Manager, Mr Nnaemeka Onyejiuwa.

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