Foundation inaugurates Senior Citizens’ Hub for socialisation

Senior Citizens Hub

Axios Senior Citizens Foundation (ASCF), an NGO that cares for the elderly, on Saturday in Abuja inaugurated a Senior Citizens’ Hub to create an atmosphere of socialisation for these set of people.

The Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Mrs Murjanatu Habibu, said the foundation was established based on her experience while working with an NGO in Europe.

She disclosed that she saw how the government prioritised the welfare of their senior citizens and how the younger generations were educated on the vital role senior citizens play in the society.

Habibu said that most people turning 60 years were eager to retire, adding that they believe that life truly starts after retirement, and that these would make them to socialise with each other.

She added that these set of people believe that after retirement, they would continue to enjoy things they love and things they have interest on.

According to her, at this point in time, she looked back at Nigeria and couldn’t figure out same practice for Nigerian elders and she began to nurse such an idea for the country.

She said that no one wants to prepare or talk about ageing, yet we pray to grow old, stressing that we must all change this attitude.

“Seeing these people, I began to nurse the idea of Axios Senior Citizens Foundation from this point. And to make the need more obvious, my parents retired.

“All our uncles and aunties in my community all started to retire. I didn’t want to see my parents and all their peers feel isolated after retirement.

“I knew the time was right to birth the idea, starting right from my community.

“My vision has always been to create an environment where our senior citizens can enjoy their golden age everyday, pass down their knowledge and experience.

“As many of you may already know, we have a range of activities and services planned for the elders: from a food bank aimed at catering for the less privileged seniors to a centre where seniors can socialise and make new friends.

“All these activities will help us to realise our core objectives which are to reduce isolation, promote active ageing and re-engage our seniors back to the society,” she said.

Habibu said that the foundation was excited to provide a space for the seniors in the community to come together and enjoy a variety of activities, events, and educational opportunities tailored for them.

According to her, seniors are essential to every community, and that the foundation will do all it can to show appreciation for their valuable contributions.

She said that the Hub would serves as a centre for those seeking to enrich their lives with new experiences, form new friendships or socialise and enjoy themselves with old friends.

Habibu said that the foundation had put a lot of effort into creating a space that is reasonably comfortable, safe and welcoming so that elders can feel at home there.

She said that in addition to the organised events and activities, the foundation has dedicated areas for wellness and fitness, many more, and that all the equipment is all about promoting learning, help and support, and cater for different needs.

Habibu said that supporting active ageing is a community effort, and called on community members to donate items such as books, games and puzzles and other things and facilities that would help elders.

Habibu, however, extended the foundation’s gratitude to the team who work tirelessly to make things happen, adding that there are still some needs like books, games and puzzles and others.

She acknowledged the contributions of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board, for making sure this project became a reality, as well as her loving parents for their donations.

According to her, the hub which is situated at the premises of Beida Basic Schools, Along Aleiro Crescent, PW, Kubwa, Abuja, will be open to elders few days in a week.

Speaking at the programme, Dr Emem Omokaro, Director-General (DG), National Senior Citizens Center (NSCC), appreciated the outgoing administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to enhance the social inclusion of the vulnerable.

The DG, represented by Mr Kayode Fagbemi, Director, Active Ageing and support services department, disclosed that in the last two years of establishing NSCC as a Federal Government agency, the center has operationalized the national policy on ageing.

Omokaro said that the centre would continue to do its best to cater for senior citizens. (NAN)