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FCT residents express mixed feelings over  second-hand underwear

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Some residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have expressed mixed feelings over the use of second-hand underwear, popularly called “Okirika.

The residents told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews in Abuja on Tuesday, that they preferred second-hand underwear because it’s cheaper and lasts longer.

Others said they would rather stick to buying new underwear to avoid allergies and infections.

Mrs Cordelia Jumoh, a businesswoman and a resident of Nyanya, said second-hand underwear are unique and not common.

Market premises

Describing herself as ‘unique’, Jumoh said she loves whatever she wears to be unique; therefore second-hand underwear shouldn’t be an exception.

Jumoh said that new underwear floods the market with same styles and designs, while the second-hand underwear comes with unique designs.

Miss Juliet Tanko, a banker and resident of Wuse 2, said second-hand underwear are stronger and gives fitting than new ones.

“I prefer second-hand underwear because `e de package me well, e de bring out my shape, e no de slack.” she said.

Mrs Cynthia Edeh, a resident of Mpape, said new underwear are expensive and don’t give fitting like second hand underwear.

Edeh said some new underwear are inferior and worn out easily, especially bra and tight, while second-hand ones are superior and last longer.

Another respondent, Mrs Joy Paul, a teacher and resident of Mpape said she buys second-hand underwear and other second-hand clothing because of their quality.

According to her, second hand underwear last longer than new ones that are just designer or branded items.

Meanwhile, Mr Samuel John, a student and resident of Wuse, said second-hand underwear like boxers turns him off, so he cannot buy nor wear them.

“I see second-hand underwear as unhygienic; I cannot touch someone’s boxers with my hands, with all kinds of bodily fluids and smells.

“Even if the second-hand underwear have been washed, I will still get the feeling each time I see them,” John said.

A boutique owner at Garki Market, Theophilus Agwu, in his view, praised second-hand clothing, adding that second-hand underwear are more lucrative.

He said “though I sell new wears now, I once sold second-hand clothing some years ago, when Nigeria borders were still open and I can tell that they are better,’’ he said.

Agwu said that ladies especially, prefer second-hand bras, because they believe that it hold the breast better than new ones.

A dermatologist, Dr Hadiza Jibril, said wearing second-hand underwear could cause fungal infection.

According to her, this is why the rate of mite infestation and lice keeps increasing in Nigeria.

Jibril said underwear are the most intimate pieces of a woman’s clothing and must be kept clean as possible.

The dermatologist advised that people should go for new underwear rather than second-hand irrespective of the price.

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