Divorce: Man prays court for access to his children

A businessman, Sa’ad Abubakar, has prayed a Grade I Area Court, Kubwa to order his former wife, Ehsan Ahmed to allow him have access to his children.

Abubakar said that his former wife denied him have access to his two children for eight weeks.

Abubakar and Ahmed were married for five years but no longer live as husband and wife, as they have separated since July, 2022.

He had filed an application to the court for enforcement of judgment given on the custody of his children to compel his ex-wife to allow him access to the children.

“Following the judgment given by the court, I am to pick up my children from my ex-wife on Saturday morning and return them back to her on Sunday evening, but I have not seen them for eight weeks.

“Picking them in the morning is to give me enough time to take them out for recreational activities,” Abubakar said.

Meanwhile Ahmed denied the accusations by Abubakar.

”When he picks them up he returns them back home late.

“One of my children needs attention to feed well because she eats slowly and when he picks them up he does not return them on time,” she said.

The judge, Yahaya Sheshi ordered Abubakar and Ahmed to agree on the exact time of the day the children would be picked up as well as returned to their mother.

Sheshi adjourned the case until Feb.7 for hearing.

Earlier, the court had granted custody of Abubakar’s two children to their mother Ahmed, with an order for Abubakar to have access to them every Saturday morning and dropping them off on Sunday.(