Disaster reduction: FEMA tackles developers on approval for high rise buildings

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The Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has implored the Department of Development Control to deny approval to developers of high rise buildings, without requisite evacuation plans, parking spaces and ramps for disabled persons.


Speaking with Glonat Newsonline in Abuja on Tuesday, the Director General of FEMA, Alhaji Abbas Idriss, said this was part of disaster risk reduction measures being preached by the Agency.


Alhaji Idriss lamented that most high rise buildings in the FCT were not equipped with fire alarms and muster points, adding that the Agency is constantly working with architects, estate surveyors, builders and engineers to prevent disasters like building collapse by making sure that all the right safety protocols are observed and carried out fully.


He further stated that the FEMA utilizes the community participation model for disaster mapping and vulnerability assessment, noting that this is carried out through a question and answer session.


The FEMA boss, who described the media as key stakeholders in disaster risk reduction, appealed for continuous support to highlight the activities of the Agency.

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