Clergyman advises Christians to engage in active politics, elect quality leaders

A clergyman, Pastor Andy Osakwe, has urged Christians to take part in active politics to ensure the emergence of quality leaders in the country during the 2023 general elections.

Osakwe who is in charge of The Summit Bible Church, made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja after the Church’s 2022 youth conference with the theme, “Take a stand”.

He said good governance and positive changes in the country would only occur when the right people were elected.

The clergyman added that the Church had invested in the Nigeria project and believed that God would turn around the the situation of the country for the better.

Osakwe said that the conference was to sensitise the youth to the qualities needed for building a great nation, as the country prepares to elect new leaders in 2023.

He added that the conference also focused on the imperatives of righteousness and patriotism, engaging in governance and public service.

The clergyman said that discussions also centered on electing morally sound and competent people who would chart a new course for a great and prosperous Nigeria.

“This generation conference is an annual project of building leadership foundation.

“It is an intergenerational movement of progressive minds; people who genuinely desire to see Nigeria make its much needed progress.

“The project envisions a highly developed and prosperous Nigeria founded on righteousness by a visionary and creative generation.

“We believe that the nation-building process requires that we have a transformed people, producing transformed leaders who will reform and transform Nigeria into greatness,” he added.

He disclosed that they had since inception in 2017, mentored about 1,500 thought-leaders and encouraged young people to engage in community projects as part of civic education.

“We are going to carry out six months civic fellowship, designed to provide technical capacity and mentorship to youth interested in implementing non partisan civic projects that would contribute positively to the 2023 general elections.

“It would comprise a four-week virtual accelerator, to build the capacity of persons participating before the commencement of their civic projects.

“All the projects would be implemented before 31st March 2023, and four participants with the most outstanding projects would be sponsored for a week learning programme to an African country,” Osakwe said.(NAN)

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