Attacks: Analyst recommends installation of drones, CCTV cameras in train stations


Chairman, Enugu State Chapter of Public Affairs Analysts of Nigeria, Mr Ambrose Igboke has called for the installation of modern technologies  to monitor and track  planned attack on train routes.

Speaking on the recent attack on train track in Edo, he said that the government learnt nothing from Abuja-Kaduna train attack in 2022 hence its reoccurrence.

Igboke said such measures would as well halt any other planned attacks on trains in the country.

The recent attack on train occurred in Tom Ikimi sub-station at Igueben, in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo on Jan. 7.

He said  public places were  soft spots for terrorist attacks all over the world while Nigeria has  issues of insurgency and terrorists attacks.

“We know that the terrorists engage in asymmetric warfare not linear warfare, so they come out, strike and retreat and often time they strike soft spots yet no measure in place.

“Attack on train in Edo is not the first, and a lot of people suggested way forward to checkmate this incidence or stop it from reoccurring,“he said.

Igboke expressed concern over the lack of presence of security personnel at train stations across the country to checkmate insecurity.

He advised government to be proactive instead of being reactive and focus on dealing with issues of security of lives and property.

Igboke said the primary duty of government was to secure the lives of her citizens as stipulated in the constitution,

He said that the failure of government to meet those constitutional provisions was fundamentally wrong.

The expert  urged the government to wake up to its responsibility by ensuring the security of lives and property of the populace.

“Until we start taking life seriously and focusing on preventive measures rather than curative in our country, insurgency will not abate because perpetrators of this act are also watching

“And once the bandits see any loopholes they utilise that opportunity, attack and run away, “he said.