AMAC chair commissions transformer in Gyadna village 

AMAC Jiwa event
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…Promises to provide potable water, basic amenities

The Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Hon. Christopher Zakka Maikalangu, has commissioned a 500kva transformer in Gyadna village, Jiwa ward in AMAC. 

According to the Executive Chairman, the electricity project is part of the democratic dividends he promised residents of the council, saying more projects are on the way for different communities. 

Speaking at the event on Thursday, Maikalangu said he has in mind to provide potable water for the community, among other projects that will give them a sense of belonging.

He said: “You people have been very patient. I learnt that there has not been a government presence in this community so I decided to give the people of Gyadna village a sense of belonging by making sure that this electricity project is completed.

“You have been in darkness for many years. You have been patient with government and I want to assure you that your patience has paid off. Today marks the end of your waiting. Today marks the end of your being in darkness. This light that will be switched on today will mark the end of your waiting and will give you the sense of belonging you needed.

“Please, I implore you to guard the transformer jealously. Be your own security. Don’t say ‘it’s government property’ and ignore it. Be watchful; guard and protect the transformer against vandals. Even when it is raining, be observant and guard the transformer. From experience, I have come to realize that many transformers are vandalized when it’s raining because people will not be observant. So, there is need to be careful.

“Also, I am assuring you that more projects are coming to this community. I learnt that you people are lacking water. So, I am assuring you that you will get potable water soon. You will get dividends of democracy due to you because my government will ensure that AMAC residents are provided basic amenities.”

While appreciating the AMAC Chairman, the District Head of Sakada, Isyaku Sarki Musa, said that the commissioning of the electricity project is the first of its kind as the community has lacked government presence for time immemorial.

He said: “I lack words to appreciate the Executive Chairman of AMAC for this magnanimity of ensuring we enjoy power supply like other communities. Though this electricity project was started by the past administration, it was not functional until the intervention of Maikalangu.

“We are grateful and look forward to more projects. We lack good roads, potable water, healthcare facilities and other basic amenities. We are facing many challenges as a community. Therefore, this intervention by the Executive Chairman of AMAC is roundly appreciated. As he promised, we know he will deliver on all projects to give us a sense of belonging.”

Speaking earlier, the HOD Works, AMAC, Architect Andrew Gaza, said the electricity project was started by the previous administration, but was stalled for many reasons. 

“This project was started by the previous administration, but was stalled until this administration came on board to complete it. As we always say, government is a continuous process. When the project was partially commissioned, there was no light in the community, so we are releasing the light now.

“Let no one should say we are doing second commissioning. We want to release it now so that the community will enjoy their light. When the Chairman came here, he nearly shed tears because there are estates and factories nearby but no light extended to the community, which is bad. Thankfully, the story is about to change with this commissioning as the light will be released shortly.”

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