2023: APGA will win 2023 elections in Abia– Abaribe

Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe, representing Abia South Senatorial District, has said that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has bright chances in the 2023 general elections.
Abaribe said this in an interview with newsmen in Aba on Tuesday.
He said that his confidence was based on the fact that the two major political parties in the country did not care about Nigerians.
“The chances of APGA at the national elections? I think that the party will do very well.
“The reason is that everybody has now seen that the two major parties bother more about perpetuating themselves in office and that is the recipe for failure,” Abaribe said.
The former Senate Minority Leader said that “Nigerians are clearer in their minds now, more open and imbued with more information to better the electoral process so that no one person would be favoured again.
He said that he left PDP because of the alleged wrong doings that manifested gubernatorial primary election.
He regretted that a Senate that would have less than 70 per cent of members returning after next elections showed that Nigeria was not getting its democratic acts right.
Abaribe said he was proud to have left a legacy as a federal lawmaker with the Electoral Act that would ensure election results go directly into INEC servers in Abuja to boost electoral integrity.
He urged the other smaller parties to join hands and find someone who would look beyond ethnic sentiments and not follow the pattern of national division to reset Nigeria in unity.
Abaribe also said that the unfair treatment allegedly meted to the presidential hopefuls of South-East origin would have serious consequences, which the parties would reap in 2023.
He decried the plan by some parties to float a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian presidential ticket.
He regretted that the country had been divided along ethnic and religious lines, hence it needed to be rebuilt and reunited again.

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