Party primary: Female PRP Presidential aspirant woos Kano delegates

A female presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Mrs Patience Ndidi- Key, on Wednesday visited Kano State to seek the support of delegates ahead of the presidential primary of the  (PRP). Key met with PRP leaders and delegates at Aminu Kano  Center for Democratic Studies,( Mumbayya House), Kano. 

Key is one of the PRP’s presidential aspirants seeking the party’s ticket for the 2023 presidential election. While canvassing for votes of the delegates, the aspirant said that her administration would implement a three-point agenda of Peace, Equity, and Wealth Creation if elected in the 2023 election. “I hereby appeal to you to support my presidential ambition by voting for me to clinch the party’s ticket at the forthcoming primary election,” she said. She said the economic and security challenges in the country inspired her to declare her intention to run for the presidency in a male-dominated country as Nigeria. 

Mrs Key, a Nigerian in The Diaspora, said she would use her leadership experience of more than 15 years in the U.S. to provide the right kind of leadership for the country. “As a community leader and the former Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation in the United States, I worked with fellow Nigerians and other Nigerian professionals, ethnic, religious, and business organisations. 

“I related with the government in power by virtue of my office. These interactions have given me better insights into the Nigerian nation, the issues, and governance.

 “Biggest root cause of Nigeria’s problem is leadership and leadership is a task and responsibility. We don’t need foreign countries to survive, we need us to survive,” she explained. 

Key further said that she would also focus on power, education, health care and infrastructure development. She urged Nigerians to make wise and conscious decisions as they voted in a new president in 2023 towards overcoming poverty, hunger, and the prevailing security challenges. 

“I see impoverishment in a nation with so much abundance, I see people die of preventable diseases, I see so much chaos and insurgency in friendly and happy communities.

“I see communities agitating for self-determination, separatism, and referendum because the people feel marginalised, secluded, unprotected, and disrespected.

“I see a vibrant and huge population of unemployed youths, I see a nation whose human talents remain subservient, and a nation whose rich natural resources are used to develop the western world.

“I see an abundantly rich nation wrongly tagged the poverty capital of the world. All these and more are what inspired me to run for the President of Nigeria,” she added.

Three governorship aspirants who spoke at the event said that Nigerians were yearning for a candidate who really understood the challenges of the nation and who is experienced enough to reposition the country.

They also promised to work together in the best interest of the party and country.(NAN)

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